Forcing a Muslim Woman To Undress is Not Fighting Oppression. That IS Oppression!

It infuriates me that people are demanding Muslim women remove their burkini. These people claim it’s because they’re fighting the oppression of women. These women you want to force to UNDRESS are not oppressed. They’re just wearing what they believe they should be wearing. They’re not women under “Isis” rule. It’s no different than a Christian family who believes women should only wear long skirts and dresses. No one is forcing them to wear a burkini. It’s part of their religious beliefs. Wanting to force them to undress IS oppressing them. Think about it. They’re forcing them to UNDRESS. 

How is this okay with anyone? 

No one says a damn thing because they’re Muslim. It’s discrimination. Those demanding these women not wear burkinis are oppressing these women while claiming they’re trying to stop oppression. How dense are these people? They can’t even see their own bias! 

These women who are being oppressed are in middle eastern countries, not the ones relaxing on the beach in their hijab. Women can wear whatever the fuck they want. Don’t claim you’re trying to stop oppression while simultaneously telling women what they can and cannot wear. That’s the most counter-productive way to fight oppression. You’re aim is off. You wanna fight oppression of women? Google Saudi Arabia. They have sharia law. They abuse their women and they’re second class citizens. Fight for those women. 

If you’re a Muslim woman reading this, feel free to share. You have millions of us standing with you. We respect and support your beliefs. Feel free to leave comments about your beliefs so it can help educate my readers! 


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